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Wilderness Survival Stories.com is brought to you by JHL Supply and CampingSurvival.com. JHL Supply, the parent company of CampingSurvival.com, is a 50 year old veteran-owned company in Upstate NY. CampingSurvival.com was started up in 2002 when the president of our company, Tom Sciacca, decided to apply the experience and knowledge he was learning about the internet from our exclusive presence at the time, HVACtool.com.

And just like HVACtool.com, CampingSurvival.com has grown to be a very successful business and continue to thrive. In October of 2006, we emailed the following letter to our current customers to get some ideas about how we’re doing and how we can do better as a company that sells emergency, survival and preparedness suppliers. The response was great, so we decided to put these stories here at WildernessSurvivalStories.com for all to see.

Here is the letter:


Thank you for your past business. I have a question and an idea that I am wondering if you can help me with.

We are a small, family run business and have been around since 1956. I am the president of our company, JHL Supply. I have been studying survival and preparedness for quite a few years. (Learn more) I make sure that I take the time to get outdoors and practice my wilderness survival skills. However, thankfully my family and I have no experience with wilderness survival during a natural disaster such as a hurricane. When we select new emergency/survival gear or we put together emergency kits (see examples), we can only apply the experience that we have and what we’ve learned from others. Many times, I get the chance to talk with our customers and learn how they handled things during this past hurricane season for example. However, I want to make more of an effort to learn from others experiences.

My first question is, were you personally affected by this past years hurricane season or other similar circumstances and how well were you prepared? Do you think a better level of preparedness would have helped you? Also, with the experience you went through, what do you think of the following kits?

What — if anything — could you have had with you beforehand that would have made your experience more bearable? Have you changed your preparedness level since your experience and if so, how?

So many people claim to be survival experts, but have never been in a survival situation. On the other hand, those that have been in a survival situation often are not asked about how to prepare better for future situations. Please help us learn from your experiences and pass this knowledge onto others. We might use what we learn from you to offer better products and better kits and help out others better. If we use a quote from you, we will offer proper credit of course.

If you think you might be interested in talking with me, please let me know and I can call you or we can do this by email if you prefer.

Thank you,

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