The Unexpected Survival Stories

Unexpected Knee Pain on Appalachian Hike

We managed to hobble about two more miles up the trail before we reached a cross trail and a decision: two miles down the side trail to a road or four miles to the next semi-populated area. At this point both knees had begun

Crushed by an ATV

Lying there, I really thought it was over and prepared to die by hypothermia.

Faced with an eastern brown snake

I got the fright of my life when I came face to face with an eastern brown snake, one of the most highly venomous snakes in Australia.

A Bad Day at the Beach

It only took a few seconds for me to be forced down under the water again and again. Holding my breath was all I could do. The merciless water then began to smash me against the huge rocks; my body was getting badly beaten.

Canoe Misadventure in the Everglades

All during the morning we kept spotting alligators and even a few small sharks. When the tide went out in the middle of the day we were stuck in an immense empty smelly gross muddy tidal basin.

Humorous wildlife encounter

Meghan recalls a second grade camping trip, and the unexpected intruders that sent a scare through the group.

Familiar climbing route gets scary

Blake Anderson reminds us that even if we are familiar with where we are going or what we are doing while in the wilderness, things can still go wrong and the unexpected may happen.

This was no place for man kind.

I wrap moss on my wounds and tie a piece of flesh that needs stitching. Got in survival mode, and headed down river. This was no place for man kind.

Wolf Tracks! I'm being hunted!

I cut a track on my tracks in, it was wolf tracks! I'm being hunted. Let me tell you, it's one thing to hunt, but its all another story to be the hunted.

I knew I'd die if I don't do something now

I left everything behind, and ran for my life. I turned white, everything on me was frozen. My pants were solid and broke at the knees. I didn't quit till I got to the snowmobile.

Twilight was now upon me and the coldness seemed worse than ever

Twilight was now upon me and the coldness seemed worse than ever. As I dropped the pack from my shoulders and eased it onto the ground I grabbed a water bottle to get a drink. I was stunned to find it nearly frozen solid.

Rolled the canoe, and took on water!

About the time we left my place, it started to drizzle. We wore whatever we took along. No canteens, no food. Let that sink in as mistake number one, as we were counting on a simple extraction of his gear and to meet his son

We were exhausted, wet, cold, tired and lost

In this wilderness survival story, a mountain climbing trip becomes unexpectedly dangerous when a map is lost and it begins to rain.

Half way down the hill I started staggering and falling down

At the miners shack we took pictures, drank some beer and did some exploring. When it was time to leave, the truck wouldn't start. I wish I could explain the feeling that came over me.

The temperature dropped down to an official 11 degrees

We were hit with an unusual cold front that brought snow, sleet, hail, and high winds that were absolutely brutal. All the crew that we were with, bailed-out as the sun went down, but three of us decided to stick it out.

I was extremely cold and I needed to get a fire going as soon as

I was walking along the top of the river bank with my gear and stepped onto a flattened grassy area that I thought was solid ground. It was actually overhanging the river and I fell from about 6 feet in the air and landed up

Survival equipment floated away when the raft overturned

In this wilderness survival story a rafting trip goes horribly wrong and all of the victims survival equipment is washed away.

Surviving a mountain fall

In this wilderness survival story, a man falls over a hundred feet down a mountain and has no preparedness materials to ensure his survival.

A decision I'll never regret

In this unexpected wilderness survival story, a couple becomes stranded after a kayaking trip in Florida. They use their fire starting and food gathering skills to survive the night.

We killed a 7 foot spitting cobra with a bow and arrow

I bought a medical bag from you which literally was worth it's weight in gold and probably saved my life on numerous occasions. It was truly a time of surviving off the land with little to no water, food and no shelter at all

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