Prepared Survival Stories

Cross-country skiing decision

The going was slower than we figured, though, and by 3pm or so I figured we'd just about reached our point of no return. It gets dark around 5-5:30 that time of year, and it was unfamiliar territory.

Ice has a fickle face to it

But, this time I want to make something very clear: ice has a fickle face to it. If you don't know it, DON'T trust it! Even deep into winter, there are signs that I should have looked for, but didn't know.

Survival is more a state of mind than it is equipment

Survival is more a state of mind than it is equipment. No matter what environment you find yourself in, we must assume there is someone outside searching for you so all the equipment will do is extend you survival long enough

Walking out of the Everglades at night was not an option

It was getting late in the day and a cold front past through with the temperatures dropping fast. When I returned to my car it would not start and my cell phone battery was dead.

One warning shot from my Ruger, sent them packing

My pooch and I decided to take a hike down a canyon. The walk was much longer than I intended and we got back to the truck 6 hours later. Now,--talk about a brain fart.,the door was open ,the radio on ,keys in the ignition, a

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