Out For A Hike Survival Stories

Nightmare at 14,000 feet

I couldn't tell if I was shaking from fear or the hypothermia setting in. My hands actually looked blue!

A scary moment lost in the woods

In this survival story, Jerry describes a time when he became separated from his friends while out hiking, and what he did to survive overnight in the woods alone.

Unexpected moose attack while snowshoeing

The force of the impact threw me to the ground. I stayed down, stunned, for a few seconds in a fetal position. I wanted to make certain that he wasn't going to come back and trample me or kick me in the head.

I caught myself with my shotgun and hung there

I caught myself with my shotgun and hung there, with dirt in my eyes ears and I'm hearing water running under me. Oh God, it's a long ways down there. I had to get out or, I'll die here. I couldn't pull myself up.

Lost in the woods at 16 years old

When I again got to a point where the ridge sloped down I began to feel the psychological effects of being lost, mostly frustration and some fear.

Lost 9 Year Old Hiker

All of a sudden I was a scared little nine year old, alone in the middle of the woods ... thinking "how can I sleep here tonight and stay warm?"

Pack of Wild Dogs

When I come to the end of the trail I am on, I notice a lot of scat and hair all over the place, then I noticed a freshly eaten carcass about 20 feet from where i was standing.

Stranded without a compass

The whole hike through the swamp from start to finish took about 3 and half hours.

I felt panic and had this completely irrational urge to run

I walked for a while along a vague path that I thought was were we had come from until I suddenly realized that I had absolutely no idea where I was. When I looked around I wasn’t even sure where I had just come from.

I went right through the ice just over my head

I was young and foolish and didn't consider that there might be places under the ice where the current was strong to keep the ice thin. 'Bango' I went right through the ice just over my head, rifle and all.

Never travel without a compass

In the end I never travel without a compass, a small pocket sized map that I normally find online and then laminate and a water purification system.

I ended up dehydrated

In this wilderness survival story, a man

Everyone should have a reliable source for starting a fire

On shorter trips I carry a old style GI canteen with a cup on the bottom and have in a new style holder that has a extra pocket for water purification pills. Even if the pills are out dated I can boil the water. On a last no

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