Submitted March 30, 2011

Humorous wildlife encounter

My scariest outdoor adventure was on my first camp out ever, and its actually a two-parter. My 2nd grade class went camping with several volunteer parents to the Pinnacles in California. Our first whole day out we went camping up the peak and at one point on the trail you can look down over the campgrounds. So we get up there and we all go over to look and there is a big black mass moving through the campground! We rush back down the trail and low and behold a herd of wild pig had decimated our camp site. Liberal amounts of duct tape later the camp is set back up, and were roasting s'mores when its time for bed. We all bed down, and most of us are still a little on edge because of the earlier "wildlife encounter." All of a sudden screaming starts in one of the tents, all of a sudden you have 30 screaming 7-8 year olds, and 10 freaked out parents trying to figure out whats gong on. Turns out one of the boys in our camp ignored the don't take food into your tent rule, and had hidden an open bag of chips in his sleeping bag. Well turns out raccoons like open bags of chips and one had crawled into his sleeping bag eaten the chips and fallen asleep. Its fairly easy to figure out what happened next, boy gets in tent unzips sleeping bag finds the raccoon, raccoon and boy both freak out. Camp devolves into chaos. We spent the rest of the night nervously trying to sleep and went back home the next day. As far as I know the school never did a class camping trip again.

- Meghan B. Damon

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