Submitted April 1, 2011

Unprepared adults lead scary camping adventure

I was 15, only on my second camping trip and already thinking twice about ever camping again. The youth group I was part of was having a team building camping trip for the youth council. I was excited because my first trip was amazing. This trip would turn out not to be so amazing. Things were going wrong from the first few hours we arrived. We were not even told where we were going, only that the camping site was 2 1/2 hours away. We arrived at the site and were setting up camp, come to find out we did NOT have enough water for 12 people for the weekend, the "ADULTS" that were in charge did not have the experience to handle 10 hormonal teenagers in the woods, and most of the kids didn't realize this would be a "REAL" camping trip. No toilets, no electricity ,little cellphone reception and no way to leave until Sunday morning when the bus came back to pick us up.

The first day, a buddy of mine was stung by some kind of bee or wasp, he didn't know he was allergic to whatever stung him until his throat started to swell. Luckily I had 2 EpiPens on me just in case I, or someone else needed them. The night was uneventful except for a few kids that were scared out of their minds because it was the first time camping for them. I had only been camping once before but knew what to expect, the noises and such of a warm summer night in the New England wilderness.

The next morning we had a sunrise hike, It was great until about 400 feet up the mountain side we ran into some wildlife that nobody was prepared for, a bobcat. Man were we scared. Nobody, not even the adults had a gun or the knowledge to know what to do. A few of us picked up rocks and started throwing them at the bobcat. Luckily one of us had good aim because somebody hit it square in the middle of the forehead and scared it off. While everything was going on one of the kids was so scared he started hyperventilating and it took a while to calm him down. Back at the campsite one of the adults admitted to me that this was their FIRST camping trip. Yeah, kinda figured that after he had no knowledge of what to do in an emergency. The water we brought wasn't enough for the 12 of us so we had to take it easy on the fluid intake, not a good thing when you're miles away from a clean water source. There was a stream close to the site but nobody wanted to drink from it, we were too worried about a bear urinating in the stream or something like that, kinda funny now that I think of it. Between the inexperienced "ADULTS'' (they were only 19 and 20) the EpiPen incident, the bobcat incident, the water,a nd a few injuries that were not properly tended to, this had to be the worst outdoor adventure of my life. I've had many a great adventures since then. It's going to take a whole lot more than that to deter me from the wilderness. Thanks for reading about my adventure.

- Marcus

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