Submitted May 19, 2009

One warning shot from my Ruger, sent them packing

When I left the US Army in 1974 , I had no idea I might sometime need the skills I was taught in boot camp. In June 1992 I went off roading on the Sierra Madre Ridge ,in the Los Padres Natl Forest in California. I went as far as I could to the end of the road, 32 miles from the state highway. My pooch and I decided to take a hike down a canyon. The walk was much longer than I intended and we got back to the truck 6 hours later. Now,--talk about a brain fart.,the door was open ,the radio on ,keys in the ignition, and a dead battery. Wonderfull! With no cell phone!. Okay, time to start walking . I always keep water in my truck,and a couple of MRE'S. And on this trip, I had a 22 revolver. So I was'nt totally unprepared. We set out at about 3 pm with everything I could carry which included a flashlite, first aid kit, poncho,and emergency blanket. We made it about 10 miles before we stopped for the night. Hey! Even in June it gets dang cold out here. I got no sleep at all trying to keep a fire going. Fires are not usually legal here this time of the year, but did I care? Any way, we're down to two quarts of water,and one MRE when we continued the next morning. Don’t forget, it's me and my dog. He eats too! Thank God I had my 22. Of all things to run into out here--no, not a bear,or a cougar. Feral dogs! Four of them intent on either eating me or my dog. One warning shot from my Ruger, sent them packing. Scared the crap outta my pooch too, but he will get over it. We made it back to the highway after dark, out of food and water, but was picked up by a local Sheriffs Deputy. Not a tramatic experience, but it could have had I not been somewhat prepared. Since then and especially, after hurricanes Katrina and Ivan, I keep at least six months of food and 100 gallons of water at home plus 2 weeks of food and 10 gallons of water in my truck. Plus every type of emergency supply I can afford in home and vehicle. You can't be to prepared!



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