Submitted March 9, 2009

We killed a 7 foot spitting cobra with a bow and arrow

I travel to Kenya East Africa two to three times each year. This past time (March 09') I camped out for a three week period with the nomadic Pokot tribe in the Kapenguria District of the Great Rift Valley Region. I bought a medical bag from you which literally was worth it's weight in gold and probably saved my life on numerous occasions. It was truly a time of surviving off the land with little to no water, food and no shelter at all. If you go to our web site at you can click on the two Youtube videos for a taste of what I experienced. I would be more than happy to tell you more about this survival experience. I will also be traveling back there in February of 2010' to do more ministry work with this tribe.

Water was by far the biggest issue, as it was scarce at best. Usually we obtained it by digging down two to three feet in the sand. Even then the parasites were so thick that it was undrinkable. I used your water purification tablets and they helped, but not completely. On two occasions we came across bore holes which supplied pretty good water (that was a blessing). The other issue was cobra and bush snakes. We killed a 7 foot spitting cobra with a bow and arrow and believe me when I say that they are VERY aggressive. I would like to take a snake kit with me and anti-venom for the next trip. Also food rations are a must!!! We went several days at a time without anything to eat at all. The other main issue that I acquired was the scorching heat. Each day was well over 100 degrees with the sun very intense there just north of the equator. I became sun burned to the degree that I was bleeding from my fore head and top of my head. I would like to see a survival bag that would meet all these needs and more. I am not sure what you are looking for in a story. There were literally hundreds of daily things that I experienced. The other important piece of info is that I traveled alone into the bush to this tribe. I took only an interpreter with me because I do not speak Pokot, only Swahili. I do not believe that I will do this again. A buddy system is imperative in this type of situation. The dangers in the Africa bush are constant. From thorns that are constantly ripping your flesh to bugs the size of a mans thumb. I also got advance stage malaria in the bush this time. I did have Quinine with me which I was able to take in order to keep me alive until I could get to a clinic to get Dual Cotexin. The survival kit should also have anti malaria medicine in it, including an IV bag and needle. Let me know what other info you need.



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