Submitted May 19, 2009

We were stupid and foolish and didn't tell our moms where we were

Once when me and my friend were camping in Northern Ontario(Canada), we decided to follow a trail beside a river. We were stupid and foolish and (kind of) didn't tell our moms where we were going(we were only 12/13). being the nature freak I am I wanted to keep going and see the rest of the forest, we ended up going past the campground boundaries and across a river. About 15 minutes after, I noticed wolf/coyote and bear tracks and got a little frightened. then about 30 seconds later, it started raining and got me and my friend stuck in the mud. We decided to wait out until it stopped raining. Gladly it stopped about 2 minutes later, So we crawled out, crossed the river BACK to the original side we were on, climbed a rock wall about ten feet high(gladly it was slanted a bit), walked back to our bikes and biked back in the rain.

For your second question it would have been a lot better if we had a cell phone or some kind of communication with our moms(or a tarp to stop the rain and a magnesium stick and dry tinder to keep us warm) and yes my "preparedness" level has been higher ever since.

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