Submitted May 23, 2009

I was extremely cold and I needed to get a fire going as soon as

Thanks for the opportunity to provide my input. I have not really had an actual survival experience but I did have incident in Alaska that required the use of a survival kit.

While in the Air Force stationed at Galena, AK, I went fishing with some friends on the Nulato River located around 50 miles down the Yukon river from the base. I was walking along the top of the river bank with my gear and stepped onto a flattened grassy area that I thought was solid ground. It was actually overhanging the river and I fell from about 6 feet in the air and landed up to my armpits in freezing cold water. My footing began slipping away into deeper water but I managed to get my self back to the shore. I was extremely cold and I needed to get a fire going as soon as possible. I made my way back to the Air Force boat and opened the emergency kit with blue fingers. It included among other things, an emergency space blanket and waterproof matches. I took off all my clothes and wrapped myself in the blanket and began working on a fire. At that point the others found me and quickly got a huge fire going to warm me up and dry my clothes.

From my experience I would consider the space blanket and waterproof matches a necessary part of a survival kit. A dry fire starter material would also be very useful.

I hope this helps,


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