Submitted May 26, 2009

I went right through the ice just over my head

Here's a short hunting story from the Mountains of Western Maine - I was using a small frozen brook to walk quietly through a cedar swamp during deer season (November but already cold and snowy). I was young and foolish and didn't consider that there might be places under the ice where the current was strong to keep the ice thin. 'Bango' I went right through the ice just over my head, rifle and all. I had the presence of mind to jump when I hit bottom and was able to clamber onto solid ice. I was totally soaked and the temperature was 10F with some wind too. I was a good long way, maybe a mile from my truck, so I knew I'd have to run all the way back to keep warm which is what I did, then drove out of the woods with the heater on. That's the story, and the moral is to "Pay Attention" !!


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