Submitted June 2, 2009

Walking out of the Everglades at night was not an option

I live in South East Florida (Ft. Lauderdale area). Last winter I was fishing deep in the Everglades several miles off the main drag. It was getting late in the day and a cold front past through with the temperatures dropping fast. When I returned to my car it would not start and my cell phone battery was dead.

I have a bad knee (from my earlier days playing Hockey ) and I was not dressed for the cold temperatures I was now encountering. So walking out of the Everglades at night was not an option. I decided to stay the night in my car. I carry an emergency pack in both my cars with a gallon of water and several packages of Ramen noodles.

In my emergency pack I carry many items including a Bushwhacker Wood Gas Stove with a backup alcohol stove so I was able to cook a good meal that night. And to avoid hypothermia I carry a Survival Tube made from Reflexcell™. The Survival Tube is an excellent survival mummy bag. It comes in a small compact size, vacuum packed about the size of a VCR video tape and weighs only 18.5 ounces, It will expand to hold two people.

So I spent a cold night in my car (temperature dropped to 39 degrees), listening to my portable radio, sleeping in the Survival tube snug as a bug. The next morning I made breakfast (more Ramen noodles) then walked a few miles to a main road and hitched a ride back to civilization. Later I returned to retrieve my car.

So that's my survival story. Hope you enjoyed it

Jim F.

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