Submitted February 11, 2010

Lost 9 Year Old Hiker

I was only about 9 years old and my brother and his friend decided to go and explore a far back part of the woods near our house and I decided to go with them. So we got to the spot which had an old part of a house and a HUGE swimming hole, it was fun and deserted. After a while we decided to start going home. We went a different way in which we came, and I followed obediently (as a nine year old would do). Until my brother and his friend started messing around with me and pretending like we were REALLY lost. I was nine, and I got really scared and I thought we should go back and down the path we came, but they refused. So I decided to go by myself, and I figured they would just chase after me ... (they wouldn't leave me alone ... right?) Wrong! All of a sudden I was a scared little nine year old, alone in the middle of the woods. So I started thinking "how can I sleep here tonight and stay warm?" So I started looking around, then I saw it, a break in the trees and something that looked like a dirt road. So I ran, and I ran, and finally I got to it then I noticed I might know where I was. So I looked around and walked in one direction and then I knew where I was, I was on the road way up the street from my house and it led to the soft ball field in my town and the road came from a main road that ran right by my house! So I walked up the road got to the main road and then it began to rain (and I mean pour!) good thing I knew now where I was going and it wouldn't take but a few more minutes to get back to my house. So I got back to my house soaking wet but alive. I come to find out later that not only were my brother and his friend crying and really scared that they had lost me forever, but that the woods I was in were merely a circle, and I could have walked in any direction and gotten out. But my mom said that the way I found was the quickest path I could have taken.

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