Submitted January 20, 2011

That's all you brought?

I was camping with some friends of mine, we were to go hiking as well. So, I suggested that we would do "base-camp" hiking. For the simple fact that I never went camping with them. One of my friends served in the Air Force, during the first Desert Storm. So, I thought he would be good on his own. Now, to set up the conditions. It was mid-October, so it was warm during the day and just down right cold at night. I found out very shortly before the trip that I had to supply the three man camp with the mess hall. So that changed my list, but made sure we had everything. On the way there, we almost got lost. My other friend couldn't read a map, even though he was doing orienteering BEFORE the trip.

So, we finally get there. We unload, and I get set up. To my amazement, I see that mr. u.s.a.f. (lowercase for a reason) just brought his tent, coat, and sleeping bag. I said "Where's your blanket? Where's your hygiene? That's all you brought?" We started talking and I had to express my concerns. I said "How are we going to get through this? Why is everyone relying on me? I should be the one relying on you guys!" I got one person that was in the military and one guy that took a class on map reading. Me? I'm a Marine-brat and was in the scouts. I made sure we had a mess hall, got us to the site, was able to give him stuff to stay warm, and got us back home in a timely manner. THE MORAL OF THIS STORY: never assume, it makes an ASS out of U and ME. Always be prepared ... that means to do everything. At the time I thought that if I went into this thinking that they didn't know anything and found out that they knew something, I would have more respect for there skills.

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