Submitted February 1, 2011

I caught myself with my shotgun and hung there

I was on my trap line, and on this day I really needed to kill something to eat, we were having some bad times. So I go off another direction. It was a sunny day, 30 below zero. Took shotgun knife shells and dressed light. I was going to cover some ground this day or go hungry again. I found the coolest place, a big round rock. It shouldn't have been there sort of rock, but getting up on it I could see through the woods good. Nothing to see as for food, but to my right was also a cool looking place, so I go over there. Well, I do wish I never did. I fell through the earth. Who'd think. I caught myself with my shotgun and hung there, with dirt in my eyes ears and I'm hearing water running under me. Oh God, it's a long ways down there. I had to get out or, I'll die here. I couldn't pull myself up. I was caught on some roots, and loosing my strength. I shifted my hand on my gun, still no luck. I felt for a foot hold and no luck, nothing. I sure hoped this would work. I didn't have room to pull myself up, the gun was in the way, and I'm hung up on this damn root with my shoulder too. Now I'm loosing strength, I also need this adrenaline, or I'll give up and fall. My family will never ever find me. Now what? I just had no choices. Then I let my left hand go grabbed my right wrist and did the hardest pull up in my life. Got my chin on my gun and went into a crazy fight for life and I did get out. Oh my I was tired, O just laid there. I was done, I made it. To this day and 2000 miles away now, I still know where that hole is. Don't step there!

- Joe Elton

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