Submitted February 1, 2011

Wolf Tracks! I'm being hunted!

On this day I'm going out on my trap line to see what I got. It was a nice day around 20 below, had my shotgun a few shells, and was dressed light. Walking in I saw no game and checked all the traps, I had nothing. I left all the sets alone and on my journey out of about 7 miles, I felt something. It's looking at me, but didn't bother me. I keep going, once again something is looking at me, I feel it and its unusual. I never feel this kind of quiver up my neck. I look around and waited for it to show itself, usually that happens. Nothing. I keep going. What was that? I saw something! I gave it a minuet, nothing. I saw something again, and leaped over a log, where is it? Nothing. I cut a track on my tracks in, it was wolf tracks! I'm being hunted. Let me tell you, it's one thing to hunt, but its all another story to be the hunted. Well, I had one shell in my gun, and had one in my pocket. So I put it in my mouth to warm it up so it won't misfire. Let the game begin. I'm, going to win, I hope. I look ahead behind and wish I had more eyes. Ahead is small ceders 6' high. I felt it now, and it's getting stronger. Wolf on on my right, wolf on my left, 20 yards out. As I pass this tree, I bet. Then I saw one wolf mouth wide open and coming at me, 4' away. I was ready for this, I shot, and won. I saw no sign of the others after I shot. Big wolf. I picked it up and wrapped it around me and carried it out. The thing felt as big as me. I won that hunting trip ...

- Joe Elton

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