Submitted February 1, 2011

This was no place for man kind.

I'm a good hunter and always go out alone. I go places people don't, so will be way the heck out in the wilderness. Well, things happen to teh best of us, and here is what happened.

It was an easy day, good weather. I'm in the meat hole. I always get something in this nasty place because game never have never seen people here before. It's late day and I got to cross over this huge log. It felt downhill and was too rugged to go down or up, so I decided to go over. Little problem. Keep in mind, the truck is a few miles up and down another canyon. The canyon I'm in it is not possible to go and come out of. I climb over the tree, and well it happens, the bark slips. I could not for the life of me fall off. I ride this thing, hitting every nubbin and painful thing down hill. I lit some big limbs, and got hurt really bad. I hit the ground alright, but with my head above a creek and my pant leg hung on a limb. I was hanging upside down. I can feel blood running down my legs and the back of my head.

I still had my bow in my hand, the precious thing didn't get scratched I drop it to see where I'm going to land, not good. I undo my belt and fall into the river, that hurt. My leg was messed up and I could not support myself. I get my pants off of the limb and start checking my damage. I'm messed up badly. I had to make a serious decision here, I can't walk up that mountain, so I have to trek miles down river now. I'm wishing not. I wrap moss on my wounds and tie a piece of flesh that needs stitching. Got in survival mode, and headed down river. This was no place for man kind.

On the second day I killed and ate a raw squirrel. It wasn't good. I found a big log to make camp and crawled under it to find a fresh killed dear and a huge gear scrape, a foot hire than my walking stick. This gave me some momentum to keep going, and I did snag a piece of deer meat. Now constantly looking everywhere for that huge bear, I kept going, hoping search and rescue would come. I'm part of the team, and here I need help. I get caught in Devils Club and and I can't get out of it. It is nasty poisonous, thorny and festering. There is no point to lay down, and I'm in pain at this point. I don't know how far left to go. I cut away through this junk, for miles. It was well into the night, the next day, the 3rd day, I'm still in it. Now barely moving. I find an old logging road. I thought I remembered it, but was getting confused. No matter, it's a way out. I did make it to gravel road. an old man found me asleep in the middle of it. he took me to town. Just a slip on a loose piece of bark can really ruin one's day.

- Joe Elton

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